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Download Roxen WebServer 2.0

Security Notice

Unfortunately, a severe security problem has been discovered in Roxen 2.x. All users are recomended to upgrade

Exploit description

Any file readable by the webserver can be fetched.

Affected systems

Roxen WebServer/Platform 2.0.92 or earlier and Roxen WebServer/Platform 2.1.264 or earlier with any of the following modules are affected:

  • Normal File system
  • Restricted file system
  • User file system
  • Frontpage Script support
  • CGI scripting support
  • Fast CGI support
  • Plain filesystem

Roxen Platform servers with the default set of modules should be unaffected since Platform normally uses a special file system module.


Apply a patch which does URL simplification after decoding. Patches for Roxen 2.0 and 2.1 are awailable for download att Execute the following in the roxen/server/ directory:

gzip -d -c [diff file] | patch -p0

Roxen 2.2 users are recommended to do a cvs update. It is recommended to upgrade even if the required modules are not loaded. New distributions for Roxen 2.1 will be released shortly.


Problem reported by David Hedbor

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