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DownloadRoxen WebServer 3.3

Roxen WebServer 3.3

Release Notes  
The changes document outlines the most important changes and bugfixes in each version.

Unix Distributions  

Note: The Linux distribution is compiled with Pentium Pro optimizations, which means that you must have at least a Pentium Pro, a Pentium II or higher to run it.

How do I install this?

Linux RedHat 7.3:  Roxen WebServer 3.3.63 (22.8 MB)
Solaris 7 Sparc:  Roxen WebServer 3.3.63 (19.3 MB)
Solaris 7 X86:  Roxen WebServer 3.3.63 (16.2 MB)

Windows Distributions  

Note: To install this on Windows XP you must run the installation program with administrator privileges.

How do I install this?

Windows 2000/XP/2003:  Roxen WebServer 3.3.63 (26.6 MB)

Source Distribution  
How do I install this?

Source code:  Roxen WebServer 3.3.63 (15.3 MB)

Crypto Notice

Starting July 1, 2001 export of strong cryptography from Sweden is allowed to all countries currently connected to the Internet.