Major changes for version 3.3

New features in 3.3 are described in this document. Detailed change log for current maintenance releases follows below.

Roxen WebServer 3.3.63 (2002-11-08)

WebServer-specific changes

Note: The following section only lists changes since 3.3.44.


  • &page.mountpoint; has been added.
  • <debug werror> now write messages into request traces.
  • Implemented try_stat_file() which includes query variables.

Bug Fixes:

  • Mutexes added to condition variables for safe threading.
  • RequestID objects always contain id->misc->pref_languages.
  • Running MySQL will not be shutdown if no ports are bound. [Bug 3267]
  • Fixed id->misc->defines problem. [Bug 3265]
  • JavaScript tags now supports pcode and recursive requests.
  • Fixed off by one error in parse_since(). [Bug 3270]
  • Corrected quoting problems in <vform> text fields. [Bug 2304]
  • Fixed bug in Auto Restart when restart schedule was set to never.
  • RXML tagset hashes now independent of locale.
  • Fixed error where cached RXML values could be encoded twice. [Bug 2736]
  • Fixed delayed resolve bug for a RXML frame that throws an exception.
  • Corrected error in roxen-module:// inherits. [Bug 2851]
  • URL Rectifier more tolerant to internal requests.
  • Fixed htaccess support for authmethod. [Bug 3271]
  • Fixed error in <cache> tag propagation.
  • Fixed Java setup problem on newer Linuxes.
  • Corrected wide string and cache problems in the HTTP protocol module.
  • Fixed license file upload problem.
  • Fixed caching in <date> when using ISO format with seconds.
  • Fixes to ntstart when using the --quiet option.
  • Added caching of some variable setting lookups in the request handling code.
Improvement and bug tickets closed: 2304, 2736, 2851, 3265, 3267, 3270, 3271.

Pike-specific changes

Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements in backtraces.
  • Parser.XML.Tree has an option to handle RXML entities.
  • mktime() fixes on Linux. [Bug 3270]
  • Support for gcc 3.x and bison 1.50.
  • Java glue fixed to handle large Pike strings.
  • Improved robustness in HTTP header parser code.
  • Fixed missing argument error in Protocols.HTTP.put_url().
  • Fixed problem with NULL-terminated blobs in ODBC.
Improvement and bug tickets closed: 3270.